Gurain Photobook: A Look-back with Appreciation

It’s easy to get lost in the times that we were once the happiest, the calmest, or maybe even the safest. They are beautiful, and they stay forever beautiful in our memories. Oh, how we all wish we could go back in time. In this unprecedented and trying period, it’s easy to lose ourselves in nostalgia. To scroll endlessly in our camera rolls, reminisce on that one perfect summer morning, maybe even almost hear the waves of the ocean at that moment. We wanted to be somewhere where it’s not “here”. We can’t help it, we miss things so bad; a very strong feeling of yearning and longing. All the different kinds of love that used to exist. But while we soak in our feelings and emotions we are forgetting something; that perfect moment, that once upon a time, it’s not here anymore. As bad as this may sound, the reality is things will never go back as is used to.

What will remain is our memories, our happy memories. These are the things that we can hold on to for as long we want but we DON’T live in it. We preserve them in our memory and that’s all that there is. Happy memories, something that we can look back on, smile and laugh at it, maybe shed some tears and learn the lessons that must be learned then we continue on living. With that we start working our way forward and with appreciation we must let life go on. After all, the present moment is the only time that any of us ever has.

I hope to think in light of appreciation and gratitude always. Things happened so I have something beautiful to look back on. It happened to ME and I’m grateful for all of it.


Oil-Based Matte Tints (Colourette Review)

Colourette is that brand which I’ve heard so much good stuff about. I wanted to try it out so bad but never got around to actually doing so not until recently. I finally got my hands on their latest collection of lip tints called colourtints in matte. These are actually their classic tints but in newer packaging form.

I raise my right hand to this: I do not like lip-tints. I cannot tolerate having wounded dry lips or inconsistent patchy barely-stain-your-lips look that I get from average lip tint. However, colourette has become everybody’s favorite because of their pigmented but hydrating colourtints I couldn’t help but give lip tints another try.

Quality check first.

Colourette is known for their Filipina-centered beauty campaign but aside from that their products are:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Cruelty free
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Locally made
  • Contains SPF

Impressive, right? Let me tell you, from these facts alone I’m already sold but of course I have to try out the products itself in order to actually give an unbiased opinion.

First Look.

Colourtint 24/7 kit
10 shades from the 24/7 Colourtint kit

From the get-go, the range of their colors is known to have every shade that suits every pinay skin tone; mestiza, chinita and morena. I’m not very fair but not morena either so I’m somewhere close to chinita and I had difficulty finding the right shade of beautiful matte muted red that could match my warm skin tone. And tell you what I found it at Colourette.

I have their 24/7 kit which includes 10 beautiful shades that falls into brown-orange-beige-red shades. It comes in a clear plastic pouch lined with cute peach zippers, great to repurpose as makeup kit or organizer pouch. It also includes two placards which show off the tints alongside their corresponding descriptions.

 On to the tints.

These coloutints are multipurpose so it can be used on the lips, cheeks and eyelids –definitely a steal. It is oil based (something new right?) which contains natural argan oil and beeswax so it’s hydrating and doesn’t dry the lips however I still need to prep (scrub and moisturize) my lips before applying to avoid flaky-chipping lips. It’s also crazy pigmented (seriously) but is still nicely blendable and dries off as matte finish almost like a liquid lipstick but it’s really lightweight it feels like it’s barely there. Because its oil based it’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave patches or streak marks. It does stay on for quite a while but sometimes I’d reapply a bit after food and drinks to maintain that opaque and matte finish.

The product itself does separate from the oil when left still after some time and that’s normally how it is just be sure to shake it up real good before applying.

My Choice and How I Apply it.

My favorite would be the shades Olive (Cocoa Brown), Lucy (Chili Red) and Ellie (Muted Brown Red). I normally do simple and subtle for my daily look so I just dab 2-3 small dots on the inner part of the lower lip and  spread it across my lips using my pinky finger. It could dry-off easy on the lips so I try to make my moves fast. For my cheeks, I do two tiny dots and blend with my fingers as well. It is much pigmented so 1-3 dots do the job just fine and can go a long way. I just add another layer after another if want to achieve bold full lips.


Well, the hype was well worth it. The colourtint really changed my view on tints and I can say colourtint is hands down one of the best tints out there. The 24/7 kit is worth 2,499 pesos but they retail each tint for 299 pesos –a bit above regular lip tint price but considering the ingredients and the gorgeous finish I think it’s all worth the money. I mean if I don’t get cracked lips and I get all heart-fluttered in every swipe I’m all for it. Hehe.

Check out their instagram or website to get to know more of them. If you want to place an order and if you have the patience to wait I recommend to be on the lookout for their sales on lazada or shoppee to score a greater deals.

Use my my code SHEPO225 for additional 100 pesos off your first purchase on shoppee.

*This is not sponsored post. I got the products through their giveaway promo however it does not affect my review, everything mentioned is honest and purely my opinion. *


Easy Guide to Solo Artist Date

There are days when time moves so fast, days become repetitive that the world starts to lose its color, looking like an old black and white movie. This is the time when lousy and unpleasant feelings start to stack up inside me. Times like this I know I have to take a pause and go out and clear my head. I don’t book a ticket and take a flight to run away, I can’t afford that (at least not yet).

I take myself on solo artist date. Have a breather and tap on my creative side, one doesn’t have to be an artist to go on an artist date. It’s like giving your mind the time to dream and wander again, a much needed self-care break.

Why Go on an Artist Date?

Artist Date is taking the time for yourself, a break from the bustle of daily life to reconnect with your inner emotions and discover or rediscover your joy and passion. It is a way of getting in touch with your creativity, more about exploring and indulging the things that you find interesting and to get truly acquainted with yourself.  

We’re constantly too busy to even think of what we feel; we neglect our emotions and interests. Going on an artist date allows us to recharge and realign our thoughts on what brings us fun and joy. Research says exploring and discovering new experiences on your own outside your daily routine builds confidence, makes one more independent and resilient. It is also found to boost our well-being. Other benefits of going on a solo artist’s day:

  • Good for the soul.
  • It sparks new ideas.
  • Helps discover or rediscover the things you love.
  • Deepens self-awarenesss.

Plan your Artist Date

There’s different ways on how to spend your artist date depending on one’s own preference. You can stay inside at the comfort of your home or maybe plan a drive to town or spend a day just somewhere around your neighborhood; it’s entirely up to you.

Make a rough list of the things that bring you joy –things you want to do, places you love to go to, food you love, activities you want to try, food you enjoy eating. Make your list achievable and realistic; things that you can actually do within the day. However, don’t make a rigid schedule or an itinerary as this can easily turn into frustration if it didn’t work out. This way you can just choose anything on the list and if one thing don’t go your way you can easily make adjustments as you go.

As for me, I love spending my artist date outside. I start by listing all the things I love the night before so I can wake up the next morning ready to tackle the day head on without letting a minute for the fear and guilt to settle in. I make the most of my day knowing I have lots of fun things to do.

Remember to always go at your own pace. You can go off without a set plan and just do the things you love most that’s what matters. Disconnect and put the fear of what other people might think to one side and just focus on yourself.

5 Ideas do on an Artist date

1. Go for a leisure walk.

Walking is therapeutic and is also a good chance to explore and get to know your place more. Move your body and let the happy hormones flow. During your walk try to take different routes and path that you don’t normally take, this gives will give you a new and fresh view of things.

2. Take photos.

During my walk I bring with me my film camera and capture moments with it. In some way, this slow and contemplative approach to image making is a good way to be mindful. Phone camera is a good option too but consider taking fewer but more thought of photos. Resist the urge to playback the image too. Remember that photos don’t stand in for memories. It’s all about being in the moment.

3. Café Hop.

One thing I learned about going on artist dates is that it’s actually not that bad to eat out alone. I used to dread eating out alone but I didn’t have much choice so I did it –once then twice, thrice then I wasn’t afraid of eating out alone anymore. This has led me to a lot of cute and cozy café discoveries. There’s now thrill in finding new yummy drinks and joy to be tucked in the corner of coffee-aromatic café.

4. Watch clouds.

After a walk and a nice cup of coffee, it’s nice to find a comfy spot to sit, look at the clouds and just watch the world go by.  This is the time where you can slow things down and just take a rest. Breathe in deeply and feel all the emotions running through you and let them run freely. Don’t control them or be trapped with your “I should”. Let them be chaotic and unorganized, get in to your deeper emotions.

5. Journal Your Thoughts.

A great ending to an artist day is to have a paper in one hand and pen in another. Write about the day that went by, about a random thought that’s floating in your head, or maybe look up a journal idea to write about. You don’t have to put much thought into it, the point is to just write things down. You will be surprised at the things that will come out–that’s your inner creativity. Keep it, nourish it and treasure it.


How to Make: Cocoa Chocolate Coffee

Pre-PS: Happy International Coffee day everyone!

No matter how much I try to stop drinking coffee. I always find my way back to it and usually with better recipe than before. With the colder season closing in on us, I am sharing my favorite coffee recipe at the moment; it’s easy to make and keeps me warm and happy. 🙂

Why You should Make your Own Coffee

I realized that taking the time to make one’s own coffee is therapeutic. It becomes mindful making by focusing solely to the senses that are involved in the making process. Choosing what goes into your drink, savoring the aroma of every ingredient, observing and listening to the clanks of the utensils and being fully aware of the whole experience –by being mindful of the present action you are moving away from all your stressful thoughts. It’s a process handmade with love and patience. And thus afternoon coffee becomes more than just an afternoon coffee, it makes you appreciate and feel delight in each sip.

On to the Recipe

  • 2 tsps. sugar
  • 1 tsp. coffee powder
  • 2 tsps. Creamer
  • 15-10 g chocolate tablet
  • ½ cup hot water
  1. Prepare the chocolate tablet. Add the chocolate tablet in ½ cup boiling water and wait until it dissolves completely. Set aside.
  2. In a cup, mix all the ingredients together, give it a nice stir and your good to go. 🙂
  3. Easy as 123 but if you’re an obsessive freak like me, I have a certain sequence to making my own cuppa:

Customizing things to your taste makes the whole process yours, like a personal ritual that makes you feel at ease. For instance, for me I prefer creamer to milk because it adds a nice texture. I also like brown sugar but others might prefer otherwise. You could customize and add another ingredient that you like to make it more special.

The Key Ingredient

However, the real game changer here is the chocolate tablet or tablea, in my own language, brand of choice. I used to not care much about this because chocolate’s a chocolate what difference does it make, right? Boy was I wrong, it makes all the difference. If you’re looking for a nice choice tablea I think trying local brands is a great starter, some towns make great artisan tablea made from fine roasted cacao beans that are locally sourced this way we are helping our farmers keep their jobs. The brand that I’m using is Cheding’s. It is a local brand from Iligan City and they are known for their peanuts; you cannot leave Iligan City without dropping a visit at Cheding’s for some pasalubong shopping. They also offer other sorts of pasalubong goodies including the chocolate tablets or tablea.

I depend on coffee for a lot of things; to make me feel warm or to boost my creativity but it could also be a mindful practice. So why not skip your starbucks today and make a cuppa instead.

How about you, what is your current favorite drink? Share it with us.

The Fragility of Waiting

When you’re someone who’s always afraid to strike first—for whatever reason—you always end up waiting until someone/something else strike first, i.e. let the universe do its thing. And while the process of waiting is a good practice for patience, sometimes it leads instead to unpleasant feelings (of being stuck).

As humans, we tend to put meanings into things; a sign from the universe, the right timing. We spend too much time waiting, going over the matter over and over again until it feels certain. It’s a normal phenomenon. However, is there really a right time?

Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes and we’re stuck. We’re in the waiting phase.

wait [wayt]

  1. to stay in one place or do nothing for a period of time until something happens or in the expectation or hope that something will happen
  2. a period of time spent while expecting something to happen
  3. to look forward expectantly, to hold back expectantly

We put the next stage of our lives on hold. This is the time where the agony comes in, the pain of being scared of the consequences and feeling stuck.  Waiting becomes much bigger than the act of actually starting. Most people do the same thing, we wait, feeling overwhelmed, being indecisive, and making excuses and delays. We tend to only do something about it when problems (internal or external) come up. And by then, we’re way far into our feelings of despair.

Planning and strategizing are important steps in beginning of a new project. But here’s the thing, sometimes we get so “caught up” preparing and in these steps we, unknowingly, forget the reason why we were even doing it. We could go our whole life waiting for certainty, that one thing and risk never finding it.

I wish I knew the quick fix to this or how to put the answer into action. But one thing is for sure, we can only overcome this by doing. This is a journey one has to undergo, to practice the skills and keep going forth and find the confidence that will allow him to experience the things one really wishes to do.

Remember that doing something new will come with some frustration. That will be a time to safeguard yourself from feeling hopeless and giving up. Understand that things will take time.

This is a reminder (for you and for me) of the value of time and the importance of setting our intention on how we want to use the limited time we have been allotted. There is no right time, there is just time and what we choose to do with it.

My Sample Room Experience

At the current trend of online shopping, reading customer reviews has helped me choose products carefully. However, there’s always be at least 1% of doubt lingering in my head questioning the quality and compatibility. No matter how good a product is, there are still factors to consider which could affect the effect of a product to each person. It could be due to difference in skin type, diet, lifestyle and even the geographical location. I always prefer physical stores over online ones because I want to see, feel and try out a product personally than to risk it on its digital representation. With that being said testers and samplers are really big help.
There’s this website that I found which exists for that very same agenda. It’s called Sample Room and I had to give it a try.

How it Works

How does samples work? A brand gives out a free sample (usually smaller sized) of their new product for people to try out. This scene is usually seen in groceries and make up isles. It’s a marketing strategy that helps the brand directly promote their new product to the public and at the same time it helps assess what the consumers think about it. The same way works for Sample Room, except it works online. They curate a variety of products related to beauty, health and lifestyle and people can try them for free –all these in exchange of honest reviews about your personal experience with the product. The review will help other consumers to decide whether to buy a product or not.The process is easy. Register through Sample Room’s website, you’ll then receive 100 points which you can use to “buy” products. From there you can start gaining more points by submitting reviews of the products you’ve tried out. Real cash doesn’t involve here however there is an option which allows you to buy more points in order to avail more products. Detailed information over here.

My First “Order”

Once registered, the address cannot be modified after registration. Only the admins have the ability to do so. It wasn’t really an issue for me until I had to move my address. At that time the contact tab in their site didn’t seem to work. I reached out to sample room via their facebook page and thankfully they took care of it in less than 5 minutes. Bumped into a new problem this time with the delivery, I reached out again to the team and they were able to help me out. I received my package 20 days later because it got caught up with the holiday rush (delivery company’s fault). I’d say for something that I didn’t really paid for; I appreciate the way they deal with customer queries and problem.
I was excited when I got my parcel because of the new products that I really wanted to try out. First impression, I love their packaging; the paper bag design is so cute it’s hard to get over with. The products are carefully packed inside as well so they came in perfect condition. The whole packaging gives off a personal gift kind of feeling but better because I know the goodies I’m about to open.
The first three products I tried out were St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Cathy Doll Instant Whitening lotion, and Savonille Soap in Floral Fresh in Floral fresh Variant.I’ve used St. Ives in the past so I know what to expect. The other two however are totally new to me so I don’t really know what to expect. The St. Ives Apricot scrub came in 25 g plastic tube, the Cathy Doll lotion is largest in size as it contains 50 g, which I think is pretty huge for a sample. All came in their assigned boxes or bubble wrapped so nothing spilled on the delivery.
I am a bit surprised at the size the bar soap came in with (think: hotel tiny-sized soaps). For some reason I thought it would come in a larger size because it felt weird to have waited 20 days for a very small soap. But I realized that’s how samples are normally sized, shouldn’t have really expected otherwise. Lesson: make reading product details a habit.I won’t be including my product reviews since this blog post is about Sample Room, the product source. If you are interested to check out what I think of the products just click on the items, there you can read through more reviews on each item.

Why I love Sample Room

  1. I love their campaign. I love reading honest reviews. I love the fact that I can try before buying and committing to a product that may not be suitable for me.
  2. Great customer service. I was so glad that they responded to me sooner than expected. Despite having a small team, they are able to address all of my concerns accordingly. I also find their customer service staff really friendly.
  3. They have a good variety of products other than skincare and make up. They have products for baby, health, living and men too. Really, everyone can try out their samples.
  4. They’re available online which is convenient for me. Scoring a good product in a traditional sampling is a game of luck when it comes to availability. With sample room I can easily monitor arrival of new products and try them out first in just a few clicks.
  5. Their website is really easy to navigate. I was able to set up my account in less than 10 minutes and then I’m off to a little “shopping spree”. They also have easy and convenient payment options for the shipping and handling fee.
  6. I love their packaging. I can’t stress this enough. The paper bags are so cute and it feels personalized making me feel special. Additional points for being eco-conscious, they give out free shipping vouchers for every 5 packages returned to them
  7. They encourage honest and educated consumers. The reason for leaving for reviews is to help out other consumers decide, however not everyone can be authentic about it. But with sample room’s guidelines, moderation, and consumer categorization it’s a safe place to trust reviews.
  8. I’m not sure if it’s just me but it’s a little annoying when a shopping site “pressures” me to rate a product in a time limit. When trying out a product I like to take my time and give it some thought. I’m glad Sample Room lets you take your own pace.
  9. There are different ways that lets you gain more points, meaning more shopping spree. You can grow your initial 100 points by 1) using and reviewing more items, 2) using referrals, 3) joining sample room contests, and 4) being a sample room vip member.

Things to Remember

Sometimes we get too overwhelmed by the term free that we overlook the details. Here are some things to remember if you want to try Sample Room:

  • Yes, the products are free however you still have to pay for the cost of handling and shipping. Shipping fee can vary depending on how much your items weigh and your destination. The rates can range from 120-270 pesos.
  • Always manage your expectations. The sizes sometimes are not how it is in our expectation so always read the full details of a product.
  • There is a limit to only three products per checkout even if you have not consumed all your points. You can consume your points for your next order.
  • The stocks available are limited in number so the good stuff almost always go out of stock fast thus the need for fast ninja moves. You can turn on your mail subscription to get notified when new stocks arrive. Or follow them in their social media.

How about you, do you enjoy samplers too? Share your shopping tips and tricks with us in the comment section. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section too, I’ll try my best to help.Find more of my everyday adventures at:
Instagram: @dandehugsblog
Tumblr: @xsuperpotatoes
Website: https://dandehugs.wordpress.com

Musings and Feelings in times of Quarantine

Things have been rather chaotic since the last time I was here. How are you? I hope everyone’s finding a healthy way to cope up with their feelings and your mental health.

As for me, I lean towards the state of confusion. There are days when I’m highly consumed by fear and anxiety that I start to question if there’s still a future for the world. Then some days I’m so accustomed to monotonous home routine that I almost feel like things are adjusting well to the new normal, a small spurt of optimism and hope grows inside. My feelings come and go like tidal waves and they never stay still. I guess. . .that’s just how things are and the way I feel and act; it’s all part of the process (of life). Maybe it’s a matter of accepting things as they are, or at least finding a coping system to make the acceptance easier, after all we don’t have control over the situation, no one in that matter. We have to adjust to the current world (at least try), help with the best that we can and to never dwell on the could’ve-been and what-if.

Dealing with Quarantine Rut

There are days when all I do is lie in bed or watch for hours on end and just feel all around miserable. When I do catch myself in this state, I try hard to pick myself up (even forcefully) away from it. I start the night before, I write down things I want to do the next day. I write only 3 things and I do them no matter what. I write down even the simplest things like do skin care, take an afternoon nap, drink tea, or make a sandwich. I add more if I finish the 3 things early. This helps me have something to look forward to in the day. It may seem silly to write down trivial things but I make a huge deal out of it so my mind knows to prioritize it and focus into what I do completely. During this time, it’s so easy to get caught up with our negative emotions that even the small basic things we owe to our body can be neglected. It’s how most of my days go, however it mustn’t go on like this forever. Believing that this is a once in a lifetime break from the usual hustle and bustle of what used to be our normal, will make us feel more grateful and thus encouraging us to make the best of it, and for now, that’s the best the we can do.

What I’ve been Up to? (Celebrating Small Achievements)

Just like everyone else, I’m trying to fill my time with creative projects. With my normal overthink-er self, having a huge amount of time and feelings of fear, anxiety, and guilt is a sure formula for self-destruction. Excessive use of social media doesn’t help either; it becomes exhausting emotionally. Reading a book, making journal entries, and baking/cooking a meal are basically what my days are made of. These are very good distractions against unhealthy thoughts.
I finished 7 books during this quarantine and I feel so accomplished. I’ve been struggling with my reading habits pre-quarantine times so this is a personal achievement that I’d like to sustain. I’ve also been searching and reading recipes that I haven’t tried before. Not everything I make is a hit but they’re still eat-able hihi. I realized that cooking is a habit that helps ease the mind (and the stomach 😀 ). I also started a new journal this quarantine which I am super obsessed with. It’s a bit of art journal/planner/writing journal –just no labels. I like how unconstrained and free I feel with this new journal. I’m trying to take care of my health as best as I can by exercising, healthy eating and taking vitamins. These are small things that make me happy and sane in this crazy time.

Personal Reflection

I am a huge introverted homebody but that doesn’t make the situation any easier for me or for the people like me. I feel like I am developing anxiety. I miss going out with friends, I miss enjoying the summer breeze and I miss not being paranoid for the future. Not even the biggest people in my life can tell me that things will be fine. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t hope for the better. If anything, the biggest thing that the situation has taught me is gratitude and humility. I’d like to think my patience has been stretched a scale during this quarantine. It’s so important to have someone (Him) to cry on and hold on to when things are bleak and uncertain. This is a chance for all us to clear our heads of unrealistic worldly aims, reflect on our inner emotions and connect to Higher Power. With everything that is going on, let’s not forget that there’s a blessing and lesson in all of this. I hope we can all make the best out of it.

I would love to know how you guys are holding up too. What are your distractions or things that you’ve been doing? Talk to me please. I need people interaction badly.

Sending you my prayers, love and hugs, H.

The Art of Pen Pals and Snail Mails

As much as we live and breathe the internet today; endlessly scrolling & sending emojis, there’s also the increasing fond for pen pals and snail mails. Yes, this irony is something unexpected and awkward in our modern world of fast technology. However, this is the best awkwardness that we can have. Thoughtfully designed mails finding their way to the hands of special friend sends up a grin of joy to the lips.

My snail mail adventure started through a penpal project called Made for You PH. It was initiated by Nadine Felice who took the time to match people of the same interest.  With so much excitement, I was able to finally share my love for arts and films and talk to a stranger that knows exactly how that feels. It’s a fresh feeling of freedom and belonging-ness.

Give to Receive

I feel the most excited when planning to put the mail together. It’s exciting to design how to make the mail fun. It makes my adrenaline pump. “I can finally use all my stationery items or make new ones” I can just hear my hoarder-ego screaming.

It’s interesting to think that even if I had to carve time to make the mail, use my brain cells to coordinate the design and give away the letter and stationery I made which I put much effort in; I still feel so much joy about it, maybe even happier as the one receiving the items. There’s joy in giving and thinking about the joy you want your receiver to feel. That’s enough reason to keep the art of snail mail alive.

Talk About Extras

Other than the handmade letter, which is the main point of the mail, extras are usually added in to make the mail more fun. This is entirely optional; don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of extras. Extras are supposed to be just by its name “Extra”. You don’t need bunch of stationeries to be able to have a penpal, you can just send a letter without any extra. Its only purpose is to make the letter exchange more fun. Remember, it’s always the thought and sincerity that counts. In fact there’s a bunch of different stuff you can send your pen pal with just materials you can find at home, no need to spend a penny.

When unsure, you can just talk to your pen pal about your mailing arrangement, like how often do you send letters, or do you exchange letters only, or do you add extras. Some people of the same interest arrange to swap other stuff like their personal collections or curated themes.

What to Send

Technically, you can send anything you want to your penpal. But considering the packaging rate it is much recommended to send just small and flat items that could fit in an envelope, it’s still a letter exchange after all.

Be Creative. No one set the rule on what to send in a snail mail, so think outside of the box. Let your creativity get in control of you. There’s ton of different ways to make your letter fun without spending a lot. Send a magazine page, clipping of your favorite recipe, make flipbooks or collages, you can even send your own art work. Think h a n d m a d e. This will make your letter unique. Your receiver will feel special thinking about the effort you put into your mail.

Personally, I like to add in other artsy-crafty materials in addition to the letter. I look for inspiration on Pinterest and from there I try to make something that I think my pen pal will like. (I have a pinterest board dedicated for snail mails inspo). Some stuff I sent my penpal includes:

  • Sticker sheets
  • Small Letter Cards
  • Stationery papers
  • DIY Book marks
  • Postcards / Prints
  • Collage
  • Playlist
  • Questions

Other stuff I received from my Penpal:

  • Paper goodies (stamp marks)
  • Memo sheets
  • Watercolor painting of her kid
  • Fun facts about her

How to Find Your Pen Pal

Anyone can be your penpal but it’s always fun to have someone you can really connect with, share your interests together or someone to talk about life with.

  1. It’s better to start with people you’re friends with on the internet aka your mutuals. Internet friends are basically people your friends with on the internet. Don’t be afraid to reach out first, just ask them if they are interested in exchanging letters with you. This is a good way of getting to know each other better without the fear of giving out your address to a total stranger since somehow you know each other already.
  2. There are different sites that connect handmade-letter lover out there:
  3. Global Penfriends – I have personally tried this one and found a really good friend over here.

Other top ranked sites for finding penpals:

  • PenPal World
  • Interpals
  • Use the power of hashtag. #PenpalWanted #PenpalSearch #PenpalNeeded on instagram are some of the popular hashtag used by people looking for penpals.
  • There are also accounts across different social media platforms specifically designed for people looking for penpal. Just type in your keywords in the search bar. Instagram. Facebook groups. Tumblr pages.

Off the Mail Go

After putting together the mail, be sure to wrap/close it properly so nothing falls off along the delivery process. When you’re mail is signed and sealed all there’s left to do is to send them off to your penpal.

You can send your mail through your local post office but for some reason I didn’t have good experience with PhilPost so personally I prefer private post delivery service because it can be tracked and it’s faster and safer. Private companies tend to cost a bit more than the local Postal but I feel comfortable with it. Really, it all depends on your personal preference.

Remember. Always take precautions. Get to know the person first before exchanging addresses. Talk to them if you have the same interest, research, then weigh in if you can trust them.

  • If you’re underage be sure to ask your parents if it’s okay to share any personal information.
  • In other countries, getting a PO Box is a great option.
  • You can always opt for a pick-up option than home delivery.
  • Research is always the best base of protection. Use the internet well. Get to know your soon-to-be penpal really well.

Snail mail is a distinct experience that holds a particular feeling; nostalgia, joy, friendship, and love.    Sharing your excitement, daily small adventures, dreams and even the magic of life but all in a writing form. It is an experience to be savored, letting every words sink in. It is about connecting in a different and much more meaningful way.

Snail mailing is my way of expression, like a creative outlet that helps me feed my love for papers, stationeries, and written words. Somehow having someone to talk to about things that I love make me feel like I belong somehow, makes me feel understood. It’s that small freedom and support that helps me keep going, everything coming from a stranger.

Do you like snail mails too? Why? Share it with us. Or if you have questions regarding snail mails just drop them in the comment section and I’ll try my best to help. 🙂

Lots of Love,