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I wish to meet you here

BOOKSALE FINDS : The Cheapest Way to Kick Start a Reading Habit

One thing I love about magazines is how much impact it has in such a short and concise way plus the process of playing with words and graphics/photos to put everything together. In some way it’s like blog posts but in physical form with nice paper texture. It has everything that interests me, well-being, health, food, art, creativity and inspiration.

What I’m loving

The year is about to end, an urge of new beginning is itching on your skin but don’t forget to remember the things that brought you joy and love during this changing times. Take photos, make stories out of it. Here are the things that I’ve been loving recently. Aloe Vera Collection I am usually … Continue reading What I’m loving

A Coffee date at Cafe 1016

When youre from a small town, people knew who’s who or how’s how and people are bound to know what’s new. A new cafe called cafe 1016 opened and being the coffee loving individuals, that me and my friends are, we tried it out for ourselves. What we had. They serve bubble waffles with different… Continue reading A Coffee date at Cafe 1016