Journaling Party

Hey, it’s been a while. 

It has been really cold in my little corner of the world and I’m starting to think that my brain is shrinking along with my poor dry skin cells. I can’t seem to work on the ideas that I was awfully excited to work on when I was taking my exams. But nevertheless, I am now trying to get blogging back to my routine.

discover the fun of journaling as we enjoy the company of friends

Last week, I planned a little “journaling party” with some friends. It has been a long time dream and I thought I’m just gonna go for it to kick start the year for more creative journey. I used to be uncomfortable talking about my journal but I’m so glad that some friends were taking interest in it as well and that’s how we planned the idea of journal-gathering.

People coming together with thoughts of creating are nothing new. I’ve been seeing journaling workshops in my instagram feed but the price don’t seem appealing for me. Enjoying things that makes me happy doesn’t have to be expensive. We can just have some milktea, food, friends and some materials found at home and we’re good to go.

Getting Ready

We set the date and time to when people are free from work or school. It was also easy to choose the venue since we live in a place where you can only think of one shop that is not crowded, has huge tables, serves milk tea and has nice set for working.

My favorite part was getting the materials ready. Since this was the first close-to-creative-event of my friends, I want to make it a good memory. It took a huge self-conflict to select only a few materials because I wanted to pack everything that I have.

Anything that you think has aesthetic values, will do. Any paper scraps you can find around the house will do.

Everything feels busier today so I contacted just a few friends but bearing in mind they may not be available. I still made a rough program for some people who might be a complete beginner and might need a little help in starting. In the end, I only had to explain the difference about the types of journaling and everything else went on naturally.

Journaling: Enjoying the process

There was no theme or a spread style to follow. Everything was based on one’s mood or what’s one feeling like. The whole thing wasn’t necessarily teaching how to journal but rather sharing the love for journaling. We shared all our materials together. We talked a lot during the process; about everything in life just like how friends normally would but mostly about each other’s journaling process. There’s a lot you can learn about one another even if you’ve known each other for half your lifetime, conversations never end.

Take Outs

Overall, I just felt so grateful for having people who understand my attachment for creating and for being able to share my love for journaling.  The weather was really terrible we only stayed for more than 2 hours but it ended with them suggesting for another session with more friends. It was a good chance to discover our creative side and maybe a small leap to more creative existence.

If you ever feel like sharing something you’re passionate about, start out with people closest to you. You never know they might turn out having the same obsession as well but never had the courage to start it out. There’s nothing like having a person to share passion with. Or who knows you might actually be doing someone a favor by introducing something that they will fall in love with for a long time. At the very least, you are strengthening your relationship with folks in your life.

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